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Privacy Fences
for Wilmington, NC & Beyond

In not only the Wilmington, NC area but across the country, privacy fences are becoming more and more requested over the years as they offer the privacy people are looking for. After your privacy fence is installed, you will achieve a new and improved level of comfort and relaxation in your backyard. At Davis Fence, we offer a variety of fences for both residential and commercial properties in the Wilmington, NC area. Our fence company’s wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum fencing options help customers create a cozy backyard oasis and provide a smart way to add security to any property. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote for your privacy fence project in Wilmington, NC or a neighboring town!

Explore the Benefits of a Privacy Fence:

When you own property in the Wilmington, NC area, you will want to make sure your residence is secure and peaceful for your family and friends. Incorporating a privacy fence is a great way to beautifully create a boundary between your property line, and any neighboring properties around your home. There are a number of different materials, styles, and colors of privacy fence options on the market, allowing you to choose the perfect product for your unique situation.

  • Security – A privacy fence will add security to your property by preventing strangers from walking onto your property.
  • Reduces noise – While it’s hard to block out all outside noise, a fence will definitely help reduce it. This might help block out road noise, providing you with better sleep and less stress.
  • Defines property lines – Fences mark off clear property lines leaving no question for neighbors as to who is responsible for cutting the grass in a certain area or trimming trees and shrubs. A simple chain link fence can do wonders for this purpose.
  • Increases property value – A properly installed fence can add value to your property, especially one that offers a beautiful design and is maintenance-free. Having a nice fence on your property may even drive up the asking price for your home if you sell.
  • Boundary – Fences keep animals and children from wandering out into places where they should not be.
  • Protection from weather – When windstorms whip through the Wilmington, NC area, a fence can help protect your garden, keep backyard items contained in your yard, and provide a protective barrier from the wind. Our fence company understands how to build with the climate in mind.

There are a handful of materials and designs you can use for your privacy fence. From different types of woods to vinyl and different metals, Davis Fence will help you find the best fit for your style, budget, and needs.

Our Fence Company Also Offers Security Fences

Security fences help protect your property by deterring unwanted guests. These fences are built a little sturdier than other privacy fences and are made using durable materials such as iron or steel.

Adding sharp objects or pointed tips to the top of the fence adds more protection to your property. There’s simply no substitute for our durable security fences!

Contact our Privacy Fence Experts Today

If you’re interested in learning more about the innovative privacy fences we offer to the Wilmington, NC community, don’t waste another moment. Contact one of the friendly representatives at Davis Fence to enhance your surroundings. For years, our certified technicians have continued to assist clients throughout Wilmington, NC, and all the surrounding communities, providing both residential and commercial privacy fences. No matter the scope of your upcoming application, our fence company is standing by to lend a helping hand.