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Wood Fencing Services
for Wilmington, NC & Beyond

Wood fencing is both beautiful and functional, making it a great choice for any property in the Wilmington, NC area! Generally ranging from three to six feet, wood fencing can be constructed higher, depending on your needs. Wood fencing also comes in a number of styles, one popular one being shadowbox fences. This type of wood fencing is durable and allows for nice airflow to keep you cool on hot Wilmington, NC days. An economical way to get the privacy you desire, wooden fencing also offers added security for your family, pets, and assets.

Wood fence is also easy to maintain! To keep your fence looking great, cleaning it every year is advised. Removing dirt, moss, and mildew can extend the life of the wood planks. Often times, a pressure washing is the best way to clean your fence, especially if you are preparing it for a new coat of paint or sealant. With proper care and maintenance, your wooden fence can last for many years!

Available in a variety of styles, such as shadowbox fences, and able to be stained or painted nearly any shade, wood fencing is a consistently popular choice for property owners throughout the Wilmington, NC area. The professionals with Davis Fence are ready to help you design and install your custom wood fencing today!

Benefits of Wood Fencing

When you want to add a fence to your property, you may struggle to choose the best fencing material for your home or business. Wood fencing can be customized to the size, height, and color you are looking for and is extremely easy to maintain. Below are a few benefits of wood fencing.

Affordable & Low Maintenance: Fencing is a significant financial investment, and wood fencing costs significantly less than other materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Wood fencing is easy to maintain and will need an occasional scrub to look its best. When a wood fence is properly installed and maintained, it can last for decades.

Versatility: When you choose wood fencing, you have many styles to choose from, such as pine, cedar, painted, stained, and much more. It can also be customized to the correct height and width of your property. Wood fencing is an excellent addition to any property.

Increases Property Value: Wood fencing is sturdy and durable, keeping your kids, pets, and belongings safe. Wood fencing is appealing to a potential buyer because it provides beauty and security to a property.

Environmentally Friendly: Wood fencing is the best choice for you if you are looking for environmentally-friendly fencing material. Wood is a renewable resource and is entirely biodegradable.

If you’re ready to add wood fencing to your residential or commercial property, rely on Davis Fence for quality installation services. Give us a call today for more information. We proudly offer services to Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding areas.



Stockade fencing is constructed with wood boards placed tightly against each other, creating a solid panel. This simple and traditional style has highly sturdy posts and is able to withstand the elements for years. If your property has a lot of slopes or changing terrains, stockade fencing is a good choice as it allows you to adjust the angle of each panel to correlate with the uneven surfaces.

stockade wood fence with gate

Shadow Box

Aesthetically pleasing from both sides, shadow box fencing is constructed to allow air to flow through the boards. Due to the spacing and design of this style fencing, the life span is generally extended. A very “neighbor-friendly” option, our fence company’s shadow box style offers both privacy and looks that appeal to homeowners throughout Wilmington, NC and the surrounding communities!

shadow box wood fence

Board on Board

Board on board is a style of fence that consists of central posts with panels on either side. Within the panels, vertical boards are layered on top of each other, offering a design flare for both sides of the fence. There is a gap built between each board to promote airflow, which helps the boards dry faster after a rainstorm. Board on board is commonly used to improve privacy and security.

board on board wood fence


A style used since America’s earliest colonial era, picket fencing is still a popular fencing choice today. Distinguished by the evenly spaced boards attached to horizontal rails, picket fencing offers a boundary that doesn’t block the view. Used around both front and back yards, picket fencing offers a functional, yet ornamental style that can compliment any home! Often painted white, picket fencing can be painted or stained any shade!

picket wood fence with gate


Do you have an inspiring photo of a fencing style you absolutely love? Are you interested in adding more ornate details to the top of your fencing? Have a weird perimeter shape you want to surround? No matter what your ideas or situation, the professionals at Davis Fencing can help them come to life! Our fence company will work with you to create the style fence you’re looking for, perfectly situated on your property.

custom wood fencing used as stylistic décor for front porch

Contact Us Today to Start Your Wood Fencing Project!

Whether you’re interested in privacy, safety, aesthetics, or a combination of the three, the experts at Davis Fence are here to help! Our residential and commercial fence company has helped hundreds of clients throughout Wilmington, NC design and install wood fencing on their properties. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at 910-821-1104. We look forward to working with you.