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Expert Shadowbox Fence Services in Wilmington, NC

There are several options out there for fencing styles. Which one to choose depends on your needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. An interesting option for those interested in increasing their privacy is a shadowbox fence. A shadowbox fence consists of two rows of tall pickets which are offset from each other by two or three inches on alternating rails to block any view between them.

Davis Fence provides shadowbox fencing installation, maintenance, and repair services for property owners throughout the Wilmington, NC area and its surrounding communities. This style creates the appearance of any old standard wooden fence when looked at dead-on, but offers some advantages which are uniquely its own.

Benefits of Shadowbox Fences

  • Visually Pleasing: The way shadowbox fences are constructed creates a pattern. The different levels of wood allow light to pass through and play off the spaces between them in interesting and appealing ways. This type of fencing also looks the same on both sides, as there is no real front or back, meaning that the view can be enjoyed by those inside or outside of your property.
  • Greater Durability: Shadowbox fences are long-lasting. The alternating pickets provide excellent stabilization, evenly distributing weight between the rails. While maintenance is key to keeping any fence in good condition, this style is inherently less likely to sag or have sections of wood fall off.
  • Customization: With shadowbox fences you have your choice of wood types, colors, stains, and more, just like with traditional wooden fencing. You can design your fence to match your house or go for a particular aesthetic. There are special finishing upgrade options available as well, such as convex panel tops, lattice tops, gothic tops with post caps, and top rails.

Contact the team here at Davis Fence today to request an estimate for shadowbox fencing installation for your home in Wilmington, NC!